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For Sale By Owner FSBO

FSBO For Sale By Owner

An owner who is attempting to sell real property without a real estate broker.

Pronounced "Fizbo" is probably one of the most popular words in real estate.  This is because many home owners think they can make a killing by selling their own home and real estate agents are always fearful of suddenly losing their 7 percent commission.

Actually, the Fizbo market is typically neither of these things.  Most home owners that try and sell their home without a real estate agent do not succeed and eventually give up, thus real estate agents have not really been hurt by the Fizbo market.  However, if home owners actually knew the three simple steps that will allow them to sell their home without a realtor and save thousands of dollars, things could be different.

  • Sell in the spring.  Put your home up for sale in early spring (late March or early April is best).  Because of the timing of the school year (it ends in May in most places), spring weather and the length of time it takes to find and purchase a home, a huge number of potential home buyers show up every spring.  You have a much greater chance of selling your home quickly in the spring.
  • Price it to sell This is a huge mistake made by almost everyone that tries their hand at the Fizbo market.  Find out what similar houses in your area are selling for and price you home at or slightly below market value.  For example, if the average price of three bedroom, two baths homes in your area is $100,000, price your home at $98,900.  You will sell it much quicker if you follow this strategy and put it up for sale in the spring.  Ask yourself this question.  Would it be better to sell my home quickly with almost no hassles and save thousands of dollars in additional mortgage payments or would I rather try and make a killing on my home, show it to hundreds of people and sell it within six months or possibly never?  If you are going to sell your home on your own you must price it sell because you do not have the power of a realtor of the MLS system behind you.  Remember, you will still make a lot more money because you will not have to pay a commission so price it to sell and you will sell it.
  • Take out a compelling add in the classified ads.  A good, three line ad in the newspaper at a cost of only $25 to $35 will help sell your home almost every time.  A poorly written ad will not.  Visit our real estate investing page if you want more information on how to sell your home on your own.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, simple real estate investing techniques can net you thousands of dollars and they work almost every time.                     

Will You Be Able To Retire When You Want?

Real Estate Investing can be one the safest methods to make a fortune.  With little money, a real estate investor can purchase foreclosures and make a profit by renting or selling them.  Many of the wealthiest people in the world created their fortune by buying real estate.  

Succeeding in real estate is not complicated.  A few simple concepts can help you build a $1,000,000 dollar real estate empire.   

The Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection gives you the advantage you will need to become a successful real estate investor.  It covers virtually every aspect of real estate investing:

  • Comprehensive lists of VA/HUD/FHA and Bank Foreclosures

  • How to make money buying foreclosures

  • Selling Your Home or Other Property Without An Agent

  • Tax liens

  • REITs

  • Rental Property Management

Also, unlike other real estate investing products, The Rogue Real Estate Investing Collection provides email support by the author so you can ask questions and get the help you will need to make sound investing decisions.  Click here to find out more about Rogue Real Estate Investor.

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