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From: Michael Williams

Mike W - author

Date:  Friday, January 1, 2016

Most people around the world are familiar with the foreclosure problems in the United States. It started with loose credit, a lack of oversight and complicated financial schemes. After 7 years of a down market in real estate, some signs point to the positive, but most homeowners have lost a significant amount of equity in their properties.

Stock Investing, although recently improved, took a 10 year vacation during the first 10 years or so of the 21st Century. That is, the market was basically flat for over 10 years - flat means 0% interest. Is that the kind of investing that will secure your retirement or help pay for a $40,000 per year college education for your children?

Probably not.

Even now it is still on shaky ground. How do I know?

More than ever...safety matters in investing.

So what can you do?

First, you should realize that you have worked too hard to watch your savings stagnate or your career disappear.

Second, you should realize that if you ever want to achieve the life you deserve, you need to take action.

The most important information I can offer is that... 

...investing in tax lien certificates and foreclosures is one of the safest ways to make a fortune.  

Sound too good to be true?

Jimmi L. Thought it Was Impossible to Purchase a Duplex for $14,000 and Earn $1,100 Per Month with No Mortgage.

Duplex example

Vicki S. was excited when her $1200 tax lien certificate turned into a $50,000 cash flow property.  

tax lien house example

Here are some other real life examples of deals my readers have made using simple real estate investing techniques.

For $2,500 down, one of my students took possession of a three-bedroom house that was purchased as a foreclosure in Belton, Missouri. This property netted almost $250 per month cash flow and when it was sold 3 1/2 years later it produced a profit of over $17,000, a return on investment of over 300% percent per year.

These stories are not unbelievable. They happen every day in this real estate foreclosure and tax lien market. And even though it may feel like a bad time to invest, it is a perfect time to buy foreclosures and tax liens.

The truth is, when You start researching how to obtain wealth, one common theme will keep reappearing.  Many people with no formal training were able to start with practically nothing and over a period of a few years use a few simple real estate techniques to create a fortune.

I became so intrigued that I started making plans to invest in real estate almost immediately.

First, I used the knowledge I learned to purchase my own home. Over the course of just a few years, I bought single family home investment properties. Each house brought in between $150 to $250 dollars per month in positive cash flow and I was able to maintain my job while doing this.  

When real estate values started to soar, I sold one of my properties after owning it for about two years.  This sale resulted in a 200% increase in profit per year with only a small down payment of $1,403. Another property that I bought and owned for four years resulted in $26,875 cash at closing, with only an initial down payment of $600.  

Now is a once in a lifetime buying opportunity.

Now is the best time to buy Tax Lien Properties and Foreclosures!

Not only that, rental demand is huge.

There are too many tax liens and foreclosures and not enough buyers!  

I have created a unique real estate investment package called Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection that explains the principles used by the world's greatest real estate investors in a format that can be read and understood by anyone in a few hours.

Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection Book

Here's a small fraction of the information contained in the first book in this Collection: Rogue Real Estate Investor:

  • An insider's guide to the hidden opportunities in real estate foreclosures, including bank-owned REOs, HUD, VA, GSA and FDIC properties.
  • Detailed information on VA and HUD home foreclosure sales for every state in the United States
  • A comprehensive plan for setting up your real estate business to achieve maximum profits.
  • A proprietary property screening guide for finding properties with the best cash flow and long-term appreciation.
  • Simple instructions on how to determine the value of any type of real estate.
  • Proven strategies for hassle-free rental property management.
  • No money down and low cost strategies for obtaining property on a tight budget.
  • Practical advice for making the most money when you sell a property.

Why is Rogue Real Estate Investor the best real estate investing product on the market?

Listen to what some of my customers have said:


I invested in the Rogue Investor course back in 2006 (never regretted it, by the way). I had purchased two tax liens in Illinois back in '06, and just wanted to give you an update. I won both bids at 17% and the first one redeemed within the first six months (good return!). The second I had to put two extensions on the redemption period, due to a lack luster attorney, and had gotten to the point of petitioning the court for deed and sending out final notices. This property had an income producing cell tower on it (nice tenant) and I was praying it would become mine. Well, the leasee ended up redeeming and you can do the math-it was a great return. Thank you so much for your information and the sharing of your wisdom and knowledge.. 

- Good Luck in all your endeavors
Jenni Swiatek

My name is Steve Gadson I've been researching real estate investing, and tax liens for a few months and have ordered all the Carlton Sheets products. They are so vague. And you can't possibly learn all the material because you can't understand the lingo. Your collection is great! It explains so much. 

Steve Gadson

Hi Michael --

Just wanted to let you know that I think the Rogue Real Estate Investor is topnotch. As a former librarian, I've done a lot of book selection and don't say that easily. As the author of several non-fiction books myself, I have a good idea of how much work went into that one.

Rosana Hart


WOW!  The checklists look great and definitely give me a good base of which to use to help evaluate these tax sale parcels.  Thanks for all of the work you and your partner have compiled over the years.  The Rogue Investor Gold Collection was WELL WORTH the buy!  Take care.  

Regards,   Brian Heider


I wanted to let you know that I've spent the last several hours reading the Rogue Investor Gold Collection and I'm having a great time with it.  It's a terrific read and you should be complimented with the care and detail you've put into it.

Thank you very much,

Rob Durstewitz

Rogue Investor has one overriding goal: 

Give you the comprehensive information you will need to make wise real estate investing decisions on your own for the rest of your life!

How does Rogue Real Estate Investor accomplish this goal?

First, the investing techniques presented in Rogue Real Estate Investor have been used consistently for decades by the world's most successful real estate investors. These real estate investing techniques have allowed a wide range of people to achieve financial independence with vastly different financial backgrounds and financial resources.

Second, unlike most other financial products, Rogue Real Estate Investor includes detailed examples on how to use the investment concepts in the book to select great real estate investments.

Third, to make sure these concepts can be understood by anyone, the detailed examples in Rogue Real Estate Investor go step by step, allowing you to follow the concepts described in Rogue Real Estate Investor to select the best real estate investments for your personal situation. 

Fourth, I include two additional real estate investing products on hidden real estate opportunities that few people know about.

Rogue Tax Sale Investor, the second book in the Collection, includes detailed instructions on how you can profit from one of the most well kept real estate investing secrets, tax lien certificates.

Why should you care about investing in tax lien certificates?

Tax lien certificates: a great real estate investing strategy

The collection of property taxes is a big priority in every county in the United States.  Literally, if the county cannot collect property taxes, they go broke.  

To make sure this does not happen, the county places a lien on any property owner with delinquent property taxes and sells the tax debt to investors.  This creates a win-win situation for everyone: the county gets their money, delinquent property tax owners get a little extra time to pay their overdue property taxes, and the investors get a low risk, high return investment.  

How high is the rate of return on tax lien certificates?

The annual returns you can make buying tax lien certificates are unbelievable,

  • Illinois tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 36 percent per year and if the lien gets redeemed early your annual return can be a staggering 
    216% per year.

  • Indiana tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 15 percent per year and if the lien gets redeemed early your annual return can be a amazing 
    120% per year.

  • Florida tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 18 percent per year and if the lien gets redeemed early your annual return can be a impressive 
    60% per year.

  • Iowa tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 24% per year.

  • Arizona tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 16% per year.

A few states like Georgia and Texas offer tax deeds with a right of redemption fee - that is, a flat fee regardless of whether the property owner redeems in one month or 6 months (a few other rules apply). This process is very similar to a tax lien certificate.

  • Georgia offers a redemption fee to investors of 20%, if redeemed within one year. If the property owner redeems in one month, your effective annual interest rate is a stunning 240%.

  • Texas offers a redemption fee to investors of 25% for most properties, when redeemed within 6 months. If the property owner redeems in one month, your effective annual interest rate is an incredible 300%.

  • Delaware offers a redemption fee to investors of 15%. If the property owner redeems in one month, your effective annual interest rate is a spectacular 180%.

But what about investment risk, are tax lien certificates a safe investment?

Investing in tax lien certificates is ultra-safe!


1. State governments control the entire tax lien process so it is very fair.  The last thing the state or county wants is unsatisfied tax lien investors. Without the investors, counties would not be able to collect the money they need to keep the county government operating.

2. If delinquent property tax owners fail to pay their back taxes plus interest, they lose their entire property to the investor for the property taxes owed. 

Now do you understand why tax lien certificates are an incredible investment with a great built-in safety factor?

If the delinquent property tax owners pay their tax bill, you, the investor, make an extremely high rate of return on your money.   

If the property owners do not pay their tax bill, you, the investor, get to keep the entire property for the taxes and penalties owed, often pennies on the dollar.

And the best part is that tax lien investing does not depend on the economy, so there is zero investment volatility when you invest in tax liens.  

Instead of going up and down like the stock market, tax lien certificates just rise in value.  

Overall, you cannot find a higher return, lower risk investment than tax lien certificates.     

So what's the catch?

Lack of high quality information!

Almost no books have been written on tax lien investing and most are outdated.  Attorneys and bankers have kept this little investing secret to themselves for many years.

In fact, what do you think bankers do when they take your money and lock it in a certificate of deposit (CD) for several years? 

They take your money, pay you about 1 to 3 percent per year, and then they go buy tax lien certificates and pocket the difference.

How would you like to keep all the money for yourself?

Rogue Tax Sale Investor contains detailed information on all 30 states that sell tax lien certificates, including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota,  Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

And here's another bonus.  In states like Illinois, Florida and Indiana, tax lien certificates are not prorated.  This means you get the full interest rate even if the tax lien is redeemed right after the sale, giving you annual returns as high as 216% per year.

But, I want to go one step further and give you something you will not find anywhere else.

If you thought tax lien certificates were a great, undiscovered real estate investing secret, welcome to tax deed sales.

At tax deed sales, states auction off entire properties for only the taxes owed. You can buy incredible properties at tax deed sales for 50%, 75%, or more than 90% below market value.

Success in life is often about finding opportunities before everyone else, and tax deed sales are definitely a hidden investment opportunity.

Texas Tax DeedFor example, I picked up several lots in a Texas community that others must have thought were not valuable. Some I bought at auction, but many I purchased through the mail (see picture to the right). My return on investment ranged from 26% to over 176%.

At another recent sale, I obtained 15 acres of land in an upscale county in the Ozarks for only $8,000. A similar amount of land in this county has sold for $90,000.

I also picked up a valuable commercial lot next to two buildings for an amazing price of only $150. Yes. that's not a typo - you really can buy properties for only a few cents on the dollar.

Here are some examples of Safe, High Return Investing through tax lien certificates:

  • Tax liens I purchased in Iowa earned 24%.
  • Tax liens purchased in Kansas City, Missouri resulted in 10% return.
  • Tax liens purchase in Nebraska resulted in 14% return.
  • Tax liens purchased over-the-counter in Colorado and Alabama earned 12%.
  • A tax deed property in Florida that was purchased for $4,500 and sold for $25,000 in two years.

If these investing returns sound better than what you are currently earning in a savings account, mutual fund or through individual stocks, then you owe it to yourself to find out about tax sale investing.  

Tax deeds can be purchased in the following U.S. states and Canadian provinces:

Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arkansas, British Columbia, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

And here's a little known secret.  In states like Texas, Delaware, Georgia and Rhode Island, tax deeds carry a right of redemption bearing an interest rate penalty that can be as high as 25%.  This means you get the full interest rate even if the tax deed is redeemed right away, giving you annual returns as high as 300% per year.

Rogue Tax Sale Investor includes over 700 pages of information and covers every aspect of tax lien and tax deed investing, including tax lien procedures for each state, links to every county website, sale dates, numerous examples, and tax lien ratings for every state.

Here is a small sample of the incredible amount of information included in Rogue Tax Sale Investor:

  • A detailed description of the tax lien/tax deed investing process
  • Tax lien/tax deed investing methods, techniques and tips  
  • Tax sale procedures and rates of return for every state 
  • Links to county websites that sells tax liens and tax deeds
  • Auction dates and procedures for every state
  • Sale dates and procedures for every Canadian Province that sells tax deeds 
  • Detailed information on specific tax sale procedures in the 100 most populated counties in the United States
  • A proprietary ranking system so you can decide which states are best for investing
  • The states that offer the highest potential for property ownership 
  • A practical field guide to purchasing tax liens and tax deeds that takes you through every step of the process, including:
  1. How you can find properties in any situation from the information included on tax sales lists
  2. How you can easily research outstanding liens, titles and other legal issues at the court house
  3. How you can quickly determine the value of any property
  4. Tips for how you should bid at the auction  
  • Frequently asked tax lien questions and answers
  • How to avoid potential problems.  I don't just tell you the hype, I tell you the truth!

Other tax lien products will try and sell you a separate tax lien manual for each state.

Let me let you in on a little secret.

You will go broke buying a tax lien manual for every state!

Instead, in Rogue Tax Sale Investor, I include detailed information on every state and province that sells tax liens and tax deeds so you will never have to buy another tax sale investing product again.

Good morning Michael,

Thanks again for getting back to me with answers to my questions.

The book is great...and I'm planning on attending my first Tax Deed and Foreclosure Sale this week...just to observe the process. 

Have a great week.
Steve Norris, Port St. Lucie, FL

But what if you want to do nothing and still earn 15% per year, every year, with almost no risk?

Rogue REIT Investor, the third book in the Collection, exposes the hidden opportunities in Real Estate Investment Trusts.  

REIT investing is actually 50 percent less risky than investing in the stock market and since the inception of REITs in 1960, the returns have been better than the stock market, averaging a stable 15 percent return for more than 30 years.  

Many REITs currently have dividend yields exceeding 10% per year and you can buy REITs exactly the same easy way you can buy stocks, directly from a discount broker.

Would you rather earn 1 to 3% per year on your money in a money market fund or 15% per year on your money investing in REITs?

If you want a completely hands-off real estate investing method with no hassles, REITs are a great investing alternative.

However, just like tax lien certificates and tax deeds, REITs are a hidden investment opportunity and almost no books have been written on how easy it is for you to become a successful REIT investor.

I have been personally investing in REITs and while others have been watching their stock investments go up and down like a yoyo, my REIT investments have gone up steadily and consistently paid me huge dividend payments every three months.

If you do not know about tax lien certificates or REITs, you are probably missing out on two of the safest and most lucrative ways to invest in real estate.

Tax Liens Unleashed Premium Service

 Tax Liens Unleashed Membership Includes:
  1. Tax Liens Unleashed eBook* (NEW). First, read the Quick Start Tax Sale Investing Guide that will get you started in only 10 minutes. Tax Liens Unleashed is brand new. Don't settle for outdated information. This is the same information I teach in my 3-day workshops.

  2. The Rogue Investor Collection eBook (Over 800 Pages of Tax Lien and Real Estate Foreclosure Information) - a comprehensive supplemental guide to tax lien and tax deed investing, plus profiles of all 50 States and Canadian provinces.  The Rogue Investor Collection has 3 books in one: Rogue Real Estate Investor, Rogue Tax Sale Investor and Rogue REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Investor. In this Collection you will learn about real estate foreclosures, buying tax liens using a self-directed IRA, setting up a business using an LLC and much more.

  3. Tax Lien and Tax Deed SUPERLIST UPDATED MONTHLY. More than 180 lists for purchasing over-the-counter tax liens and tax deeds!

    This list contains thousands of liens and deeds that can be purchased through the mail and online. Plus you'll have access to MONTHLY updates! 

    Learn how you can invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds through the comfort of your home. Plus, you get access to two pre-recorded teleseminars on investing in tax liens without traveling.

    These are liens and deeds that you can buy through the mail, online or by simply visiting the County. Not only that, you receive the full interest rate.

  4. Tax Sale Calendar of over 200 Upcoming Public and Internet Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales to Get You Started, with Website Links to Tax Sales Lists. Updated Monthly.

  5. Webinars on tax lien investing. These webinars cover liens, deeds, secrets of tax sale investing, due diligence, screening and more. A slide presentation accompanies the audio recording. You have access to the archived recordings plus invitations to attend future webinars with me.

  6. Premium Membership, Monthly Reports and Personal Training: This is unlimited for the duration of your membership. Each month I will profile a State, County or topic that will help jump start your tax sale business and investing. The profile may be a webinar with me that you are invited to attend. You can send me questions by email, through Facebook, on Twitter or by text. A new premium report each month! You also get access to my archive of premium reports.

    Who am I?

    In 1992, I started investing in government foreclosures, mainly from the Veteran's Administration (VA).  I learned how to buy with little money down, maximize cash flow through the rental market and hold certain properties and sell others.

    About 10 years later (2002) I literally stumbled into Tax Lien Investing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I set out to investigate the details (you see I am a scientist [geologist] by training). I read Joel Moskowitz's book the 16% Solution and tried to find other good books, but most were outdated. In the end, I decided to compile the information myself because State laws change so quickly. Well, the rest is history. I have been investing in tax liens and tax deeds every since and I help others do the same through books, courses and workshops.

    In fact, I have been invited to speak with industry giants, such as Harv Eker (The Millionaire Mind) and I have been quoted in Money Magazine on the topic of tax liens. I only say this to let you know that you are getting access to experience.

Thanks Michael
Great to be able to ask an expert for advice.
Kindest regards,
P.S. Great product by the way, couldn't put it down !!!!!!!!

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When you study the facts, investing in real estate, including foreclosures, tax liens, tax deeds or REITs, is still the safest and most proven way to make a fortune.  

I want to make sure you have access to me and the latest information available, so you are confident when you purchase a tax lien, tax deed, foreclosed property or REIT.

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Thank you very much for the prompt response.  I greatly appreciate it. Your program material looks awesome!

Lance Buser
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