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Tax Lien Certificates Information by State

Tax sales are a hidden and potentially very lucrative real estate investing method.  Annual returns can be incredible ranging from 18% to 50% per year depending on the state and number of months property taxes remain unpaid.  Tax sales, including tax lien certificate sales and tax deed sales, are held because some property owners do not pay their property taxes for many months, or in some cases they never pay their property taxes.  Here is a directory of tax sales information for each state.  

Rogue Tax Lien Investor provides detailed information on every state that sells tax certificates. 

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Alabama Tax Lien Certificates  Alabama Tax Sales Alabama Tax Deed Sales
Alaska Tax Lien Certificates Alaska Tax Sales Alaska Tax Deed Sales
Alaska Tax Lien Certificates Arizona Tax Sales Arizona Arizona Tax Deed Sales
Arkansas Tax Lien Certificates Arkansas Tax Sales Arkansas Tax Deed Sales
California Tax Lien Certificates California Tax Sales California Tax Deed Sales
Colorado Tax Lien Certificates Colorado Tax Sales Colorado Tax Deed Sales
Connecticut Tax Lien Certificates Connecticut Tax Sales Connecticut Tax Deed Sales
Florida Tax Lien Certificates Florida Tax Sales Florida Tax Deed Sales
Georgia Tax Lien Certificates Georgia Tax Sales Georgia Tax Deed Sales
Hawaii Tax Lien Certificates Hawaii Tax Sales Hawaii Tax Deed Sales
Idaho Tax Lien Certificates Idaho Tax Sales Idaho Tax Deed Sales
Illinois Tax Lien Certificates Illinois Tax Sales Illinois Tax Deed Sales
Indiana Tax Lien Certificates Indiana Tax Sales Indiana Tax Deed Sales
Iowa Tax Lien Certificates Iowa Tax Sales Iowa Tax Deed Sales
Kansas Tax Lien Certificates Kansas Tax Sales Kansas Tax Deed Sales
Kentucky Tax Lien Certificates Kentucky Tax Sales Kentucky Tax Deed Sales
Louisiana Tax Lien Certificates Louisiana Tax Sales Louisiana Tax Deed Sales
Maine Tax Lien Certificates Maine Tax Sales Maine Tax Deed Sales
Maryland Tax Lien Certificates Maryland Tax Sales Maryland Tax Deed Sales
Massachusetts Tax Lien Certificates  Massachusetts Tax Sales Massachusetts Tax Deed Sales
Michigan Tax Lien Certificates Michigan Tax Sales Michigan Tax Deed Sales
Minnesota Tax Lien Certificates Minnesota Tax Sales Minnesota Tax Deed Sales
Mississippi Tax Lien Certificates Mississippi Tax Sales Mississippi Tax Deed Sales
Missouri Tax Lien Certificates Missouri Tax Sales Missouri Tax Deed Sales
Montana Tax Lien Certificates Montana Tax Sales Montana Tax Deed Sales
Nebraska Tax Lien Certificates Nebraska Tax Sales Nebraska Tax Deed Sales
Nevada Tax Lien Certificates Nevada Tax Sales Nevada Tax Deed Sales
New Hampshire Tax Lien Certificates New Hampshire Tax Sales  New Hampshire Tax Deed Sales
New Jersey Tax Lien Certificates New Jersey Tax Sales New Jersey Tax Deed Sales
New Mexico Tax Lien Certificates New Mexico Tax Sales New Mexico Tax Deed Sales
New York Tax Lien Certificates New York Tax Sales New York Tax Deed Sales
North Carolina Tax Lien Certificates North Carolina Tax Sales North Carolina Tax Deed Sales
North Dakota Tax Lien Certificates North Dakota Tax Sales North Dakota Tax Deed Sales
Ohio Tax Lien Certificates Ohio Tax Sales Ohio Tax Deed Sales
Oklahoma Tax Lien Certificates Oklahoma Tax Sales Oklahoma Tax Deed Sales
Oregon Tax Lien Certificates Oregon Tax Sales Oregon Tax Deed Sales
Pennsylvania Tax Liens Pennsylvania Tax Sales Pennsylvania Tax Deed Sales
Rhode Island Tax Lien Certificates Rhode Island Tax Sales Rhode Island Tax Deed Sales
South Carolina Tax Lien Certificates South Carolina Tax Sales South Carolina Tax Deed Sales
South Dakota Tax Lien Certificates South Dakota Tax Sales South Dakota Tax Deed Sales
Tennessee Tax Lien Certificates Tennessee Tax Sales Tennessee Tax Deed Sales
Utah Tax Lien Certificates Utah Tax Sales Utah Tax Deed Sales
Texas Tax Lien Certificates Texas Tax Sales Texas Tax Deed Sales
Vermont Tax Lien Certificates Vermont Tax Sales Vermont Tax Deed Sales
Virginia Tax Liens Virginia Tax Sales Virginia Tax Deed Sales
Washington Tax Lien Certificates Washington Tax Sales Washington Tax Deed Sales
West Virginia Tax Lien Certificates West Virginia Tax Sales West Virginia Tax Deed Sales
Wisconsin Tax Lien Certificates Wisconsin Tax Sales Wisconsin Tax Deed Sales
Wyoming Tax Lien Certificates Wyoming Tax Sales Wyoming Tax Deed Sales
Washington DC Tax Lien Certificates Washington DC Tax Sales Washington DC Tax Deed Sales

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